CHICAGO – It’s hard to believe.  Background checks do not prove identity.  That reality was demonstrated during the recent, “Leveraging Emerging Technology to Enable Your Future Ready Workforce,” webinar hosted by John Schroeder of SIA.  Panelists included Vincenza Caruso-Valente, GM Retail of Sterling, Blake Hall, Founder of, and Taylor Liggett, GM of Sterling Identity.

Proving identity in today’s virtual world may seem challenging, however it can be solved with the introduction of a personal wallet similar to how our computers and smartphones store our credit card information.  As a value-add to proving identity, it can streamline the hiring process by reducing steps, which leads to a better candidate experience. 

Blake Hall
Blake Hall, Founder and CEO of

“Your digital wallet is the equivalent of a government issued ID,” says Blake Hall, who’s platform simplifies how individuals securly prove and share their identity online.  “It should follow you at every point in the hiring process and from job-to-job.”  This concept will not only prove candidate identity for employers but also provide a more seamless hiring experience, especially for contingent workers who regularly apply for work.    

A live poll was conducted asking viewers when they believe at what step in the hiring process is identity actually verified.  Viewership answers were “prior to interview,” 9%, “background check,” 70%, and “post interview,”16%.  Taylor Liggett widened everyone’s eyes when revealed the correct answer is post interview, when the candidate is actually seen.  

“Background checks rely on the information provided and can be forged,” says Liggett.  “Once you verify identity upfront, you’re modernizing the hiring process by reducing steps and ensuring protection from fraud.”

“Candidates starting the hiring process pre-verified will also help with sourcing,” says Vincenza Caruso-Valente.  “Once a candidate is proved to be a registered nurse, they can be offered relevant positions right away leading to a better candidate experience.”  

Panelists were all in agreement that reducing hiring steps coupled with providing a culture that is not the traditional sense of work, will attract more Gen Z and Millennial candidates.  “Over the past couple years individuals have been assessing what their lives mean and what satisfies them both personally and professionally,” says Caruso-Valente.  “If you ask candidates to re-submit information multiple times, you will see candidates disengage.  Asking the candidate once for their information and then it’s carried through employment will be a huge driver of candidate engagement.”       

A full copy of the webinar can be found here

Lou Calamaras, CIR, CCWP

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