New technology integration with legacy systems is an essential factor of building a best-in-class talent acquisition organization. As numerous candidate data sets (Internal, External and Market available data) offer clarity into what’s working and what’s not, it’s, critical that predictive data is consolidated to be easily analyzed and quickly acted upon. 

“The search and match piece that is running across all those data sets from either a CRM, ATS and integrated with a VMS is driving the total talent mindset and gaining organizations a competitive advantage,” said Michael Smith, CEO of Randstad SourceRight while interviewed by Jan Alexander Jedlinski, Co-Founder of Candidately, at the World Staffing Summit. “Just under half the people leaders we surveyed (2022 Global Talent Trends) are using best in class HR technology. In particular, AI supporting the matching process to the candidate base.”

At the World Staffing Summit, being produced virtually Jan. 24-28th, 2022 by Jedlinski, this topic played a central role in programming. Internal contingent workforce programs require innovation to recruit and retain top talent to maintain a competitive edge as long as zero operations interruption during the implementation process is experienced. External partners require new technology to remain relevant and provide a seamless extension of their client’s brand and culture. With all that said, talent acquisition is only half the battle. Data sets analyzing how to retain workers are equally important and consolidating the data sources will offer a new window into keeping a positive people culture.    

Using search and match over numerous systems will also help identify talent within the organization and improve internal mobility. Smith explained that organizations must find a way to use the data to help with mobility and cited that 80% of workers surveyed acknowledged they need to keep learning, but 50% say they need more guidance on how to execute re-skilling. A consolidated data set can help a company identify the hidden talent and provide a training path that will ultimately lead to a win-win for both company and worker.       

What challenge does this create for the talent solution entrepreneur? Who realizes integration across multiple legacy systems is survival critical, but now has to consulate the data ensuring the candidate search and match is executed clearly and quickly. The path is not always clear, however it is paved with gold for those who can deliver that clear data set that accurately shows how to recruit and retain talent consistently.

Lou Calamaras, CIR, CCWP

Lou founded in 2021 with the intention to bring global attention and innovation coverage to the Contingent Workforce sector. Spending the first decade of his career focused on niche B2B digital media production, Lou transitioned into talent acquisition through Executive Recruiting, RPO candidate sourcing (AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter), RPO high-volume operations support, and global Contingent Workforce management (Certified Contingent Workforce Professional Certificate). Lou’s career provided experience under multiple workforce classifications, whether as a contractor, sole proprietor, business owner, or employee. Lou lives in the Chicagoland area, where he is active in several local communities. When not working you’ll find him excited to spend fun times with his wife and rough-housing with his two boys. If you are interested in how the audience of can help your organization, please send Lou a message.